British Thermal Liner for RAF Bomber Jacket - Grade 1

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These British Royal Air Force military jacket liners are genuine RAF issue and are intended to add a thermal layer to the RAF General, or All, Purpose Bomber Jacket specifically - click here to view garment.

As you would expect they are top quality and built to last!

Although this item is designed for the RAF General Purpose Jacket, it can of course be used under any garment you would like it to be. By adding a Velcro tab at the relevant points inside your garment, this liner will stay in place. 

The liner can also be used on its own, as a simple gillet, and by turning it inside out (so that the better looking seams are on display, and by removing the label as shown in the photographs, it does not look too bad at all.

Sizing Note: The labelled sizes we list in the options available match that shown on the RAF General Purpose Jackets and as such ensures the two are perfectly matched.


  • Open fronted design for use with RAF General Purpose jackets.
  • Polyester fill.
  • Velcro tabs locate with RAF General Purpose Jackets' tabs
  • No zip is fixed to the liner to close the front together.

If you have any questions regarding this item, please email for expert friendly advice.