Bulgarian Blue Wool Greatcoat - Grade 1 - RAR

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These simple but elegant full length wool coats are ideal choice for those looking to throw on a bit more warmth to their layers. 


  • Good used condition (grade 1).
  • A fantastic quality wool coat at a fraction of the price you would expect to pay on the high street!
  • May have small professionally made repairs.
  • Inner lining fabric may have faded unevenly.

Please note: These greatcoats have been manufactured with a loose cut and may need additional alteration or external belt to fit suitably.

NB: Due to the age of this item, and in order to preserve them, they have received an anti moth treatment aroma that dissipates with a good airing. Also, variations in each coat's fabrication date and the amount of use they've had, will mean no two coats are the same, but judging by the feedback below, our customers truly love their purchases.  

Bulgarian full length grey wool greatcoats from Forces Uniform and Kit, the genuine army surplus clothing company.