Czech Army Cold Weather Combat Trouser Liners

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These winter liners are genuine Czechoslovakian army surplus and are some of the warmest money can buy. Their warmth and durability make them an ideal choice for hunting, fishing and hiking in cold-weather.


  • Quilted Nylon lining.
  • New (unissued) condition.
  • One low button on fly (may only be fabric tie)
  • Corded drawstring waist band (may be elasticated)
  • Buttons are sewn on around the inside of the waist to affix to trouser. buttonholes, but these can of course be removed.
  • Machine washable at 60C.
  • Does not have zip fitted on the fly.

Important Note: Colours and styles may vary slightly. We cannot guarantee you will receive a certain colour, orders will be picked from an assortment. Some examples of colours can be seen in photos

Guidance on our height bandings

We state suitable heights ranging from Short to Extra Tall. The relative heights are approximately as follows. 

  • Short = 5'6" to 5'9" - up to 1.7m - garment leg length up to 27"
  • Regular height = 5'9" to 5'11" - up to 1.8m - garment leg length 28" - 30"
  • Tall = 5'11" to 6'2" - up to 1.9m - garment leg length 31" - 33"
  • Extra Tall = 6'2" to 6'7" - up to 2m - garment leg length 34" - 36"

Please bear in mind that a taller person with shorter legs would be best opting for the next shorter option, and vice versa. The pair we send will be within the parameters shown above and as they are worn below over-trousers the difference will never be seen.

Forces Uniform and Kit is an army and navy store that specialises in genuine military surplus, that means that the products you get from us are the real deal, not cheap Asian copies.