Czech Army - Ushanka - Winter Hat - Unissued - small and childrens' sizes

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These genuine Czech Ushanka's, or 'Winter hats' are the perfect headwear to stay warm during the coldest of conditions. When the weather takes a turn for the worse, the synthetic fur and quilted lined flaps can be deployed and secured under the chin, this keeps the ears and a large part of the face protected from the cold.


  • Unissued condition, in smaller adult and child sizes.
  • Badges differ and may not be affixed. Please state if you'd prefer a badged hat.
  • Green colour with grey synthetic fur.
  • Button fastened ear flaps.
  • Synthetic fur and quilted lining.
  • Main material made from 65% Polyester 35% Cotton (ratio's may vary slightly)
  • Synthetic fur is made from 100% Wool

Important Note: These hats may or may not have army emblem on the front of the hat and  so please let us know when ordering if you would like a badged hat.

Please also note: The printed information inside these hats states a size slightly larger than the actual hat. We will send a hat that fits the head circumference you select. please expect your purchase to have this variation.

If you have any questions regarding this item, please feel free to email for friendly expert advice.