MULTI-PACK Dutch Air Force - Summer Fatigue Cap - Field grey - Unissued

This Dutch air force summer fatigue cap is genuine issued military surplus from the Netherlands. They come in air force grey with a large peaked cap with front plastic mesh support - to help maintain shape. Made from a hard wearing, yet comfortable, cotton/polyamide blended fabric you can be sure this will keep you cool and protected.


  • Unissued condition
  • Airforce Grey Colour (slight green tinge)
  • Large Sun Peak.
  • Plastic mesh support
  • Genuine Dutch Air Force
  • Discounts available with Multipacks! 

As you would expect from genuine army surplus hats these are built to last and are very hard wearing, not like many cheap Asian copies on the market. If you have any questions regarding this item, please feel free to email for friendly expert advice.