Dutch Army - DPM Woodland Camo - Fur lined Mittens

Genuine Dutch army camo mittens in woodland DPM camouflage, a very similar pattern to the one used by the British armed from the 1960's all the way up to 2010. These are genuine Netherlands military issue mitts with leather palms, fleeced inner and roll lock adjusted wrists. Other features include:

  • Extra long cuff to keep wrists warm
  • Mittens can be clipped together when not in use to prevent loosing one or the other.
  • Hard wearing leather palms.
  • Faux Fur lined for excellent warm than heat retention.
  • Good Used Condition.

These army mittens are genuine military surplus, so as you would expect they are top quality and are built to last! If you have any questions about these camo mitts please email sales@fu-kit.com, for friendly expert advice.

Did you know? Dutch DPM camo is only slightly different to the British camo pattern. It was brought into service with the Royal Netherlands Military in 1991 and remains in service today. The Dutch did not decide to follow the British when it came to the desert camo pattern. Deciding instead to have a variant of the US tri colour desert camouflage.