Dutch Army Waterproof Over Trousers - Olive Green - Self Packable - Unissued - Small

These Dutch army waterproof over trousers are genuine military surplus. They are made of 100% polyamide which makes them really tough, yet soft to the touch. Conveniently, they are self-packable, with a built-in carry strap making them ideal for Fishing, Hiking, Hunting, Camping and other outdoor activities.

To fit - 32 inch waist - 30 inch leg

Features include:

  • Unissued - Very good condition
  • Elasticated Waist Band
  • Ankles are Velcro-adjustable, so they can be put on and taken off, quickly and easily. 
  • Waterproof, durable and lightweight polyamide material
  • Dutch army olive green colour.
  • Built-in compression pocket with snap-lock buckle carry strap
  • Velcro belt connector straps


Polyamide (Nylon™) is soft to the touch, really tough and has the highest resistance to abrasion of all textile raw materials even when wet and is also very stretchy.

Dutch army olive green waterproof Over Trousers for sale from Forces Uniform and Kit, the genuine army surplus clothing company.