Dutch Black Wool Greatcoat - black anchor buttons - Super Grade

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Genuine Dutch Military Greatcoat made of 100% fine wool with a full length sateen lining and beautifully tailored in black. Double breasted, fastened with matched buttons - see photographs.


  • Super Grade - Excellent nearly-unused condition
  • Tailored fine wool with a comfy sateen lining.
  • Large collar that can be worn up to protect the chest and neck from cold.
  • Double breasted with black anchor motif buttons.
  • Two waist pockets. Left pocket has pass-through access to under layer garments.
  • Two inner wallet pockets.

Sizing note: The chest size stated assumes that the person with that chest size is wearing a shirt and jumper underneath.

Important note/s: The half belts on the backs of these coats are missing. The buttons on the coats are hand-sewn to order. So be advised, there may be a delay of up to 48hrs before despatch with orders containing this item.

These genuine military greatcoats offer fantastic value for money, a similar coat from a high street brand would be hundreds more! If you have and questions about this item please fee to email email sales@fu-kit.com.