Dutch Camelbak Water reservoir back pack - Desert - Mixed Styles

Styles and fittings may vary from that shown in photographs

In great Grade 1 clean condition, this back pack contains a water bladder and drinking tube. It's made of Cordura fabric in desert sand colour and comes with additional foam insulation to keep the water cooler longer.

The end of the drinking tube has a push button release catch for a mouth-piece (which may or may not be included), so it should be assumed that you will need to acquire the appropriate mouth-piece. 

The bladder has a capacity of three litres and is made of tough flexible plastic.

This back pack is designed for use in conjunction with other protective kit in chemical warfare and hazardous conditions to keep the water protected from any agents that could pose a threat. Therefore, the quality of this product is the very best.

Although we acquired these back packs from the Dutch military, the same kit is used by the US, Denmark, Italy and Australia.

Genuine military water reservoir back packs from Forces Uniform and Kit.