"Hotlocks" Food Conveyor - Field Food Heater / Transporter - British made - never used

This brand new (unissued) food heater and transportation box is ideal for delivering a prepared two-part meal to remote locations or for taking on a family day out. It does need to be kept in an upright state whilst travelling and care should be taken when using hot charcoal, but for situations where a quick rotation is necessary, this impressively built box is just perfect.

Originally intended to supply a forward observation post or remote team of up to six personnel with a warm meal and pudding, the box could work just as effectively for regular deliveries of heated food whereby a fresh box of comestibles, can be swapped for a box with the previous meal's 'empties'. Organisations catering for the elderly, community meals on wheels, kids groups or any similar set ups, could find these most helpful.

Food can be heated from cold or kept really hot by adding charcoal to the central heater box. Air is drawn in through a small hole in the right wall and hot air exhausts out through the rear wall.

Supplied with 12 aluminium food cannisters with matching close-fit lids which although not watertight, will prevent food spillage when kept upright. The 12 dishes are split evenly with six of 33mm height and six of 47mm height, and so a six person team can have courses split accordingly, or 12 people with the same content of course.

Full instructions are supplied with the box, and all aluminium utensils are wrapped in tissue for delivery. The box has three heavy duty carrying handles and sturdy rubber feet. The closure latches are also very solid and keep the lid tight against the rubber perimeter seal

UK shipments have a shipping surcharge of £15 per order due to weight and necessary protective wrapping.

Camping and travelling food heater from Forces Uniform and Kit, the genuine army surplus company.

Please note that Hotlocks Food Conveyors Plc of the United Kingdom, who made this device, are no longer trading and so the contact details provided on the guidance sheet included are not valid.