Fluorescent helmet cover - fits generic safety helmets

This helmet cover is specifically designed to fit the small British army's Kevlar helmets, but of course is perfectly suited to civilian use. Horse riders, building site personnel, lolly-pop operatives, cyclists, or children can have their protection enhanced with these covers.

Made of 100% polyester and with a drawstring fixing cord around the hem, it fits snugly around any helmet helmet rim. Please note: The photographs give the impression of a greenish glow, but the cover is a day-glow yellow in colour.

Other factors:

  • Never issued, still in sealed bag.
  • One size - Small/Medium - Fully stretched, the perimeter is 30cm (12 inches) 
  • Elasticated loops along the centre of the cover.
  • Reflective stripe around perimeter.
  • Washable.