French Army - Olive Green Poncho / Dust cover, garden screening sheet - DISTRESSED

As these ponchos only have minor faults, we have not destroyed them or sent them to landfill, as we'd recommend them for alternative uses such as dust covers, bird-poo covers in the garden or equipment covers in sheds or garages. Suitable for motorcycles, lawn mowers, barbeques and any other outdoor items you want to protect from the elements - just use the poncho's studs or add elastic bungee cords to hold the cover in place.

This waterproof poncho from the French army still offers a person protection from sudden downpours or light rain despite the minor holes. Fantastic for festivals, sport-watching or general outdoor use during inclement conditions. Ground sheets for picnics, kids' play tent, car seat cover, or any one of many other uses we could name are possible.

The Grade 1 version of these ponchos, that we have when available, are visible here


  • DISTRESSED condition - will shows signs of operational use and have pin-prick holes as well as missing studs, and minor tears.
  • Waterproof Polyurethane material (styles and dimensions will vary).
  • Stud fastened connectors can be used to connect these ponchos together.
  • Large Hood with drawstring.
  • Flat size is approximately 120cm x 150cm.
  • 120cm width / 75cm drop when worn.
  • Two ponchos are required for a large motorcycle with top-box - as shown in the photos.

Did you know?

The motorcycle in our photos is protected from seagull poo in the FU-Kit backyard by two ponchos connected together using the poncho's studs, along with three cable ties through the adjacent corner eyelets of each poncho, as well as the central eyelet.

French Army Poncho from Forces Uniform and Kit, the genuine army surplus clothing and equipment company.