French Military - Chino Dress Uniform Trousers - TDF (Terre de France)

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These genuine French military dress uniform trousers are stylish and durable. Made from a high quality Polyester, they are well tailored as befits well-dressed French military personnel. The French Foreign Legion are one unit that wear these trousers, but the same design is used throughout the nation's land forces. Typically the hems are turned up on the inside and held in place with elasticated bungies.

Chinos are derived from mid-19th century French and British military uniforms for units based in warmer climates, and the chino has become more of a casual fashion item.

Note! These trousers are intended for use tucked into high boots and so the hem is not finished squarely. So the leg will require hemming if they are to be used outside of boots or with shoes. Please see the French Army photo to see them in action.

The lengths we quote are therefore the distance from crotch to hem and if any tailoring is to be done, allow for this in your calculations. 


  • Unissued Condition - May show signs of long term storage.
  • Leg hems are unfinished, and will need final preparation.
  • Light grey colour
  • Chino style.
  • Manufactured by Paul Boye
  • Two main pockets and one back pocket.
  • Terre de France specification. (French Army)

Important Note: The trouser fly may be button or hook and eye, or a combination of the two.

Sizing Note: The letters after the sizing refers to the leg length; C = Short L = Long