Garden storage box / Compost bin / log store - stackable heavy duty wooden crates

This useful storage box is made from rugged pine boards with rivetted steel corner joints. Available as a starter pack box with three double-board panels on each side and with a height of 94cm, this is suitable for use as an easy-to-access storage box or compost bin. 

The standard box can be used on a pallet to form a solid base, and additional layers are also available for extending the height - just ask us. 

Watch the video on our YouTube channel
to see how simply the box can be constructed.


By simply slotting the four sides together, a sturdy box can be constructed to whatever height you require, within reason.

The boxes are actually surplus shipping crates and so are built to be tough and durable.

Alternative uses are of course endless, but here's a few:

  • Compost bin (with suitable waterproof liner) - pallet not needed as base.
  • Log store.
  • Planter.
  • Garden storage box.
  • Puppy pen (single panel height).
  • Country store potato and produce bin.
  • Allotment planter - use several in lines without pallet base.
  • Compact vegetable plot for patio or rooftop use.

Sizes and weights

Three layer box with pallet base - 123cm x 102cm x 94cm - 39Kg

Construction of the crate is simple, and as long as the handle slots all appear on the lower edge of the top board of each side panel, as shown in the photos, the structure will be rock solid and stackable up to three or four metres (dependent on flooring or ground surface being level and suitably strong to avoid collapse). It is essential that this standard construction method is used for higher configurations, as it keeps the stack square and prevents side movement of the layers.

On lower height constructions (i.e. max of three panels) it is possible to build the box so that the short end panels' metalwork does not stick upwards. This makes the box more attractive for use.


Please note that due to the weight of this product, delivery will be made on the base pallet, hence the delivery cost. 

Please contact us before you complete your purchase to advise us on the delivery address. We calculate shipping based on the post code and require this to allow you to complete the shipping payment online.

Payment and collection

Once orders are paid for, collection from our Bournemouth warehouse is possible - contact us in advance. We would refund the shipping in this instance.


  • Stacks should be constructed as per the guidelines above.
  • Do not build stacks higher than eight layers for home use.
  • Use an intermediate pallet base for stacks higher than 2 metres for additional rigidity
  • Do not leave one side open, as the structure requires all four sides.
  • Do not allow children to play in the crates.
  • Use common sense in using the crates.