German Armoured Fighting Vehicle Tank Suit / coveralls - Flecktarn camo

3 available currently

Genuine German military surplus army overalls or more specifically - Tank Suits. Made from heavy-duty poly/cotton, these coveralls are very hard wearing and will take a lot of punishment. They come in German Flecktarn camo pattern with a zip front and shoulder epaulets and make excellent hard wearing overalls for work wear.

The design features a Velcro-closed slot across the shoulders through which a strong tape grab handle can be accessed. The tape is fixed down the inside of the suit to the crotch, and this allows rescuers in pulling armoured vehicle operatives out through the top hatch in the event of emergency. Not the type of thing needed in civilian use, but this just shows how strong the garment is.

Other features include:

  • One piece coveralls set - Tank Suit.
  • 20% Polyester/80% cotton.
  • Shoulder epaulets.
  • Two breast, waist and shin pockets.
  • Two internal wallet pockets.
  • Zip-up front of jacket which is a two-way type - facilitating quick latrine visits.
  • Velcro cuffs.
  • Inner waist adjusting drawstring with sprung toggle fix.
  • Zips at ankles permit boots to be worn when donning the suit.

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The single GR14D garment we list is in slightly worse condition, hence the DISTRESSSED status and lower cost.

Over alls or overalls or even coveralls, they are the same.