German Army Flecktarn Parka Liner

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This genuine German army Flecktarn parka liner makes a fantastic quilted mens jacket all by itself. Originally designed to be worn underneath a German field parka as a cold weather liner, these liners have a large warm collar that can be zipped right to the top to keep the neck and lower face warm. There are also large elasticated cuffs for comfort and keeping in the heat. There's also have a large chest pocket making them practical as well as comfortable.

Other features of this jacket include:

  • Large elasticated collar and cuffs.
  • Warm quilted construction.
  • Chest pocket.
  • Classic military surplus style.
  • Good used condition (Grade 1).
  • Please note, this item is made to be worn as a separate under layer. The design does not have fixtures to connect it to the inside the parka.  

Match your parka with the same liner number e.g. Gr.2 Parka goes with a Gr.2 Liner.

IMPORTANT SIZE GUIDANCE - Please note that these liners are designed to match with a Flecktarn parka that has the same label size. Without the liner the parka will fit a larger chest size - i.e. 2 inches larger than our advertised chest fittings. So, if purchasing a liner and parka together, choose the liner size that fits you and a matched label size from the parka product. So, a 42 inch chest male wearing a shirt and jumper should purchase a size 2, 7 or 12 liner and parka. These two garments fit together perfectly. Whereas a parka alone will be a lot more roomy. 

Please note that the GR sizing system is not a linear one i.e. the numbers do not go from small to large, they jump. And so for instance a GR1 and a GR6 are both 42" chest fitting, but the GR1 is the short height version, the GR6 is the regular height, and so in this way, if we don't have a regular height GR6 liner, we could send a GR1 which is shorter and it would not protrude from hem of the parka it is fitted to.

German army Flecktarn parkas for sale from Forces Uniform and Kit, the genuine military surplus clothing company.