About our surplus footwear

Forces Uniform and Kit are suppliers of genuine military and government surplus footwear. We acquire stocks from various governments from around Europe and the UK, and the variety includes:

  • Army boots, combat boots, mountain boots, lightweight and heavyweight, desert, jungle boots, desert boots etc etc
  • Naval and air force footwear, parade shoes, ceremonial shoes etc etc
  • Special forces footwear, CT, stealth, assault
  • Wellington boots

Possible uses

As you would expect, military quality boots are also pretty useful for the civilian world too. Hiking, walking, country sports, mountain climbing, working, and day to day getting about can all be supported with comfortable ex-military footwear. We don't advise building site usage for the boots we sell as the chemical components in cement can break down the souls of certain types of footwear.

So where exactly has the footwear been before we acquire it?

The majority of the boots and shoes we have on our web site are army combat boots. These range from lightweight through to mountain boots and so provide our customers with a wide range of choices to match their lifestyles.

The footwear is of course mostly from military units within the European nations. It will usually be pre-worn and the original owners will have possibly left the military or been issued with replacement footwear. Because boots are not re-issued to other service men and women, they are sent for disposal. At some point, the military stock piles of redundant footwear will be auctioned off and this is when we acquire our stock.

Of course, a high percentage of these boots are so worn, damaged or in other ways unserviceable, that we have to dispose of them in a responsible way. 

Those items that are perfectly good for resale are processed, refurbished by our in house cobblers and graded for sale online.

Sometimes the footwear has never been issued

Indeed, in rare cases, boots may have been in the military stores for a long time and styles may have changed  making certain items surplus to requirement, and so 'new' footwear is a special treat when available. We can't call these items new in all honesty, and so we refer to them as 'unissued'. Either way, they will represent high quality purchases and when compared to high street equivalents, they are bargains.

Size availability

Of course, finding a pair of boots that fit you is our key aim when you order from us. The sizes we quote are what is shown on the actual boots, if this is Mondo-point or EU we provide a conversion chart as shown below for your clarification.

Occasionally wider or narrower examples do arrive. So, we would always ask that requests for these fittings are mentioned when ordering, and if we can find a pair at a suitable width, we will send it - if we have nothing to fit we will refund.

Returns and refunds

Finding a pair of boots that fit you is our main aim and so we are very happy to swap a pair if you find they are not suitable. 

Refunds are also no problem and should this be necessary please see our refunds and exchanges page. LINK 

Boot sizing - a multitude of systems

Each military unit seems to have a particular system for their boot sizes. The systems are in most cases established European or British ones and of course we translate these to UK sizes for consistency. But if you know what size fits you in Mondopoint or Euro then order that size.

Details of footwear sizing systems used in our products, and choosing the exact size to fit your feet, can be found here.