Shoe size selection - selecting Mondo or EU system footwear based on measured foot length

The correct selection of a pair of boots in Mondo or Euro (EU) size may appear a little confusing. But here's a quick guide to shorten the process.

Please don't try converting the size shown on footwear you currently wear to another system, it's your feet that you are trying to find a good fit for, not your old boots.

Measure foot length by standing on a tape measure or mark the heel and toe on a sheet of paper so that your full standing weight is on your feet. This ensures the full spread of your feet provides a correct reading.

MONDO size footwear (three digit numbers)

If you want a pair of boots with the Mondo size shown on our website (three digit numbers) simply measure your foot length in millimetres, and that is the size to select. Simple. So, 275mm foot length, choose size 275 Mondo boots. There's room inside for the length/size shown.

EURO size footwear (two digit numbers)

A bit more complicated, but for footwear on our website with Euro sizes - measure your foot in centimetres, add 1.5cm and divide that by 0.667

So, for example - foot length 27.5cm + 1.5cm = 29cm - divide by 0.667 = 43.4 

So, choose size 44. Not as simple, but it works.

We've made a handy converter which you can use too - download this calculator to determine your Euro size. (Requires Microsoft Excel or software that can open Excel).

Or just check the chart below.

The following chart shows suitable conversions if you know your measured foot size - click the image to view an enlarged version.



Very important note! Please ensure you are using the correct conversion method. Use your measured foot size in the charts above - NOT THE SIZE OF BOOTS OR SHOES YOU HAVE BEEN WEARING ALL OF YOUR LIFE.

The charts above are designed to help FU-Kit customers in the UK find a suitably sized Mondo or EU size boot.

The charts do not work in reverse, i.e. selecting a UK size from a known EU or Mondo size.

On this website, the size printed or stamped on the boots we send is what is listed in the available size options for each boot.

Of course, if you have purchased boots previously with an EU or Mondo system size on their label, or you know the size that fits you, then buy that size.


What follows is more detailed outline of why a measured foot size should be used when calculating a suitable Mondo or Euro sized boot, as opposed to a wearer's existing boot or shoe sizes, when choosing German or Austrian footwear.

Because we sell German and Austrian boots mainly, and they both use different measuring systems, we have made life a lot easier for the majority of customers who do not understand the conversion process, by supplying the converter charts above. They show how a measured pair of feet in millimetres relate to the appropriate sizes of footwear in the three systems. The point here is that it is the feet sizes we are showing in the conversion, not the size of the UK sized boots usually worn.

For instance, a British person who's feet were once measured at just over size 9½, and who will therefore not fit into a pair of size 9½ shoes, would need to opt for a pair of size 10s. They may then spend their entire adult life purchasing size 10 footwear and also state their shoe size as being size 10 - which is fine for UK footwear. However, if they then convert that UK size 10 to the German or Austrian sizes, the difference between the original foot size 9½ and the overseas version footwear may result in additional unwanted room in the chosen boot. AND, in some cases, it may turn out that the correct pair of German or Austrian sized boots is one size smaller than those chosen. And so it's far far better to match the actual person's feet to a pair of boots.

We realise it is complicated, and we have of course explained these peculiarities to many customers who find their ordered boots do not fit properly, and for an online business this is inevitable, this is why we are very happy to replace boots whenever possible.

And we haven't even mentioned .... widths.