Our DISTRESSED RANGE provides a way to get your hands on clothing and kit which is not in sufficiently good condition for our normal high quality product ranges, but it is still perfectly suitable for use and will do so for a very long time.

Items could have one or more of the following: visible repairs, replacement or missing zips, new buttons, minor paint splashes, small marks and other signs of previous use. 

Despite this, the item will be perfectly serviceable, and if it's supposed to be waterproof, it will be. The only difference is the visually worn or repaired appearance.

So, if you're looking for something that you know is going to be put to seriously rugged use, and won't worry too much about how it looks, then our DISTRESSED RANGE is an ideal place to look.

IMPORTANT FACT: Our company is proud to be part of the re-cycling and up-cycling industry and joining this range of goods is the final stage an item would go through before it would be disposed of or destroyed. In this respect, when you make a purchase from us, you are also playing a much appreciated role in this important matter.

Of course we may still have the option to purchase the same item in far better condition (if stocks permit) and so you will find links on the DISTRESSED RANGE products' pages for you to visit that option.

View our DISTRESSED RANGE items.

PLEASE NOTE: ITEMS SOLD AS PART OF OUR DISTRESSED RANGE CAN NOT BE EXCHANGED OR REFUNDED AT A LATER STAGE  DUE TO THEIR DETERIORATED OR MARRED CONDITION. However, if an item is incorrectly sized and so does not fit, you are welcome to return it and contribute towards a Grade 1 garment.

Our standard terms of exchange or refund apply as always in all other respects.