Reviews and customer feedback

The reviews beneath each product on our web pages are genuine feedback responses from our customers. We like to post all feedback – if it is not rude, or factually inaccurate – and so you can see that we do deliver what we promise, great products, great service and satisfaction all round.

Invitations to provide reviews of purchased products are emailed to customers after a week or so, and responses to those invitations will be published below the related product.

Unsolicited reviews, will be automatically 'moderated' and will only appear after we have checked them. This prevents offensive content, and possibly inaccurate reviews. This is how, our reviews providers operate their review service for us and their other customers.

Please note that some products may have multiple reviews showing the exact same purchased size, or in most cases a ' - as selected ' entry in the review title. This is because links to the originally purchased sizes of our orders was lost when we recently converted to To relink more than 6000 individual customer orders would be a seriously lengthy process and so the catch-all shown is our way of covering this.

Of course, the review is still about the actual garment, which is the most important fact. 

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