British Army Gore-Tex Jacket - DPM Woodland – no external pockets

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This British army Gore-Tex over-jacket is genuine UK military surplus so you can be sure you are getting top quality at a great price. This waterproof jacket is made from Gore-Tex material which allows sweat in the form of water vapour to escape while keeping rain and wind out. This breathable design lets the wearer stay very dry and comfortable, as sweat tends to collect on the inside of non breathable jackets, especially when doing moderate exercise. The jacket comes in British army woodland DPM camo, a very popular pattern in fishing and hunting circles due to its excellent performance.



  • Grade 1 - Very Good condition - may show minor signs of use and/or professional repairs.
  • Rolled hood that is stored in the collar when not needed.
  • Concealed pass-through pocket beneath storm flap.
  • Zip fastened with Velcro storm flap.
  • Adjustable Velcro cuffs.
  • High storm collar.


Important Sizing Note: These jackets are designed to be worn as an outer hard shell over thermal layers, the "fits up to chest size" shown refers to the measured chest size around the clothing being worn underneath i.e. whilst wearing several additional under layers.

We also state the physical circumference of the chest of these jackets as well, so if you'd not be wearing lots of sub-layers, choose a suitable garment measurement. The jacket is single skinned and does not have a liner, this means they remain very lightweight and can be packed down to a small practical size.

See our technical notes page regarding Gore-Tex and sizes.

Did you know? DPM stands for Disruptive Pattern Material and was first used in 1963 by British special forces (SAS/SBS).