Royal Navy - Blue Gore-Tex Rip-Stop Jacket - With Hood - DISTRESSED condition - New Model

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This Royal Navy Gore-Tex jacket is genuine UK military surplus and is issued to British Royal Navy personnel to protect from wet weather. The jacket is made from genuine Gore-Tex material, which allows sweat in the form of water vapour to escape the coat, while keeping out rain and wind. This jacket is lightweight and is designed to be worn as an outer shell over thermal clothing.


  • DISTRESSED  and still serviceable - will show signs of operational use and repairs
  • Pocket zips may be missing.
  • Replacement main zip may cover a small part of the Velcro storm flap tabs, but this is not visible when flap is secured.
  • Current issue for Royal Navy.
  • Two hip pockets, two arm pockets and one wallet pocket inside.
  • Adjustable Velcro cuffs.
  • Drawstring hem, for heat retention and to prevent water ingress from below.
  • Durable zip fastened front with Velcro tabbed storm flap.
  • Two-way under arm ventilation slots.
  • Hood is stored in collar pocket when not required.
  • Hood has rear adjustment toggle and elasticated rim for snug facial fit.

Please note: Main zip have been replaced (see photos).

The Medium size jacket has a 32" drop from the hood seam to the hem.

See our technical notes page regarding Gore-Tex.

Forces Uniform and Kit is an army and navy surplus store that deals in genuine military gear, so you can be sure that this Royal Navy Gore-Tex jacket is top quality and built to last. If you have any questions about this item please contact for friendly expert advice.