NATO COMBO Four Season/Arctic modular sleeping bag system - and string carry sack

MEDIUM WEIGHT SLEEPING BAG and MATCHING LIGHTWEIGHT SLEEPING BAG COMBO - Dutch military surplus very similar to the British system 

Both parts part of the NATO modular system for all-weathers and supplied in Grade 1 condition. A true four-season sleeping bag arrangement.

The "modular" sleep system comprises a medium-weight sleeping bag along with a lightweight hot climate sleeping bag and a string bag. Placing the lightweight bag inside the medium bag creates the winter-weight bag combo. Suited to temperatures down to -20C degrees Centigrade.


  • Grade 1 Very good used condition.
  • The top opening has a drawstring and toggle to also keep the warmth in. 
  • Stored for some time - may need freshening.
  • May have  minor professionally made repairs with possible patches, but will remain fully serviceable.

Weight of light-weight component: 1.3 Kg approximately.

Weight of medium-weight component: 1.8 Kg approximately.


    Total weight of both bags: 3.2 Kg approximately.