British/American Army - Thermal Over-Boots / Muck Boots- " MukLuk's " - Grade 1 - RAR

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These genuine British/American Army Thermal Over-boots, or "MukLuk's", are fantastic pieces of kit for keeping your lower leg and feet warm and dry during some of even the inclement conditions. Designed to be worn over your boots or shoes, they are sufficiently large to allow easy access. These boots will help you traverse tundra, mud and bogs with relative ease while keeping your feet and boots protected from the elements. 

Ideal for mucking out horses, pigs, and other farmyard activity where your non-waterproof boots may provide less than total protection from liquids and mud.


  • Grade 1 - Good Condition - May show signs of use
  • Large rubber sole - for better weight distribution across muddy/boggy areas
  • Quilted Liner for additional warmth
  • Fabric adjusters with metal eyelets