Dutch Army - Woodland DPM Deployment hold-all ruck sack/back pack bag - Grade 1

This Dutch army holdall has straps and clips that are stored in side pockets to enable it to be used as a backpack. It has a solid plastic bottom and ends to retain rigidity, two inner pockets/compartments and two outer pockets. It has an identification pouch on the outside. This bag comes in Dutch army woodland camouflage which is very similar to British DPM Pattern and is made from rugged and waterproof Cordura nylon material.

Size is 85cm x 57cm and a height of 30cm although the flexible nature of the bag's upper fabric allows for a maximum of 50cm bulges.

These bags are in good condition but may contain small repairs and signs of wear in the corners, and buckles and zips will also have possible repairs.
Dutch Military Camouflage Kit Bag/Backpack from Forces Uniform and Kit, the genuine army surplus company