Dutch Army - Kit Bag - Sand - 100 litre approx. - DISTRESSED RANGE

Genuine Dutch military surplus army kit bags. Made from a very hard wearing cotton canvas material, designed to stand up to a lot of punishment. There is a thick canvas carry handle and strap for transportation. A very good duffel bag and ideal for carrying or transporting lots of kit. Due to the minimalist design of this bag it also remains lighter in weight than an equivalent sized backpack or bergen, and can be folded down and easily stored when not in use.


  • Distressed condition - Fully serviceable - will have markings, and signs of use.
  • Large size
  • Approximate dimensions: Height (excluding storm flap) 32 inches | Diameter: 20 inches. 100 Litre capacity.
  • Shade may vary slightly.
  • Fastening cord. 
  • Storm cover ( fastening cord may be missing)


If you have any questions about this bag please feel free to email sales@fu-kit.com for expert friendly advice. Large Dutch military kit bags from Forces Uniform and Kit, the genuine army surplus company