Dutch Military Reversible Soft Insulated Jacket – unissued (Snugpack made)

Dutch Army reversible thermal soft-insulated jacket from Forces Uniform and Kit.

British made by Snugpack for the Dutch military and so quality is sewn in. There is no sign of branding on the jacket as it's a military version made under contract.

Provides protection from the cold down to -10 degrees Centigrade

This jacket will allow you to blend in whether you're in the forest, or a desert.... always useful! But of course, the majority of civilian users just want a warm, comfortable jacket that provides a smart and utilitarian garment. So, whether you're dog walking, hiking or just popping to the shops, this lightweight softy jacket is ideal.

Other features include:

  • In unissued (new) condition.
  • Very detailed soft insulated jacket, terrain reversible.
  • Zip and Velcro fastened and elasticated cuffs.
  • Zip closure with Velcro tab storm flap cover.
  • Drawstring waist and collar.
  • Rank slide on chest.
  • Fabric is top grade, durable and heat resistant (Polyamide 6.6) Thermo-fleece.
  • Water repellent.
  • Additional reinforced panels across the shoulders and arms provided added durability.

Please note that the jacket is provided with a stuff bag (in a pocket) and please also note that the labels (as pictured) have been removed by the Dutch military. We found the one photographed still sewn in to a pocket.

Top quality range of materials as is common on procurement contracts.

Please note that the label has been removed from the jacket, a photograph of it is included in the photos above. In unissued (new) condition