German Navy Pea Coat – Gabardine (Ladies) - buttonsup opposite way to men's shown

Size Guide

Please note - male coat shown is almost identical to the ladies' coat.

Stylish German naval (Bundesmarine) pea coat in black gabardine fabric - ladies version which buttons right over left and bust room. Bust room also accommodates female wearers.

  • High Quality Garment
  • Double-Breasted Jacket
  • Removable Liner
  • Anchor Emblem Buttons

All of the peacoats we have listed have a drop from the collar seam to the hem of around 36"

Photo of label translations as follows:

  • Oberstoff = outer fabric
  • Futter = lining
  • PES = polyester
  • WO = Recycled wool
  • CV = Viscose (Rayon)
  • FCH = gawd knows
  • Schadstoffgeprüft = tested for harmful substances