Rugged ABS Plastic Case - ideal for geocaching and airsoft - Night Sight box

Ideal for keeping items safe and dry in all conditions. Popular uses include geocaching, airsoft, tool storage, sandwich box, hobby equipment etc etc

Condition - Very Good Used - Grade 1

Size - Outer – 37 x 27 x 15cm

Sturdy ABS plastic box designed for transporting a KITE Image Intensifier (Weapon Mounted Night Site). Rubber seal around perimeter prevents water ingress, but the box cannot be guaranteed watertight when submerged.​​​​​​​

  • Rugged closure, hinges and carrying strap.
  • Inner rubber mouldings are removable – which creates an internal volume of 33cm x 21cm x 12.5cm. Traces of sticky fixing tape can be removed with solvent.
  • Can be stacked safely due to raised and recessed mouldings top and base (see photo).
  • Two roll clasp catches.
  • Designed by QED, these Hi-K containers feature a twin wall structure filled with high density polyurethane foam. Thermal conductivity is therefore very low.
  • Clasps and hinges may show surface rust.

Condition of case and fixtures will vary, but all are solid and function as they should.​​​​​​​