MULTI-PACK - Screw-Top Aluminium Container - Flare Tripwire - MULTI-PACK OF 3

British Military Surplus Aluminium Flare Containers. These were originally designed to carry a British military flare tripwire. Non-reflective matte black exterior with a shiny aluminium interior. These are perfect for storing a multitude a things, including: Fishing accessories, Ammunition, Coffee etc.


  • Used - Excellent Condition - May have minor scuff marks from storage
  • Dimensions (approx.) : 19.5cm Height x 10cm Diameter = 1.5 Litres approx.
  • Lightweight Aluminium material
  • Screw-Top Lid
  • Water resistant - can be made waterproof with sealing tape
  • Multipack - 3 Containers

Please note: These will require washing before storing food items