D I S T R E S S E D - R A N G E – It's seen a bit more action, but it's still awesome kit and perfectly serviceable.

NOTE: Pictures show style of garments only – not the quality or condition. You should expect items to be repaired, show signs of wear and have visible marks. Therefore, no returns are possible on these grounds.

Austrian Army Lightweight Leather Combat Boots - DISTRESSED RANGE

Austrian Army



Genuine used Austrian Army lightweight leather combat boots. These boots have been checked, and if required repaired and so are perfectly good and very hard-wearing items. Being part of our DISTRESSED RANGE, they will have a lot of wear, and mark or scuffs on the leather, they will however be perfectly usable and give a fair length of service.

  • Cushioned Sole
  • Closed loop and speed lace system
  • Some tread remaining on sole.

Please note that we may from time to time have difficulty fulfilling certain sizes of these boots. In this case we will provide an immediate refund. 

Please also note, on the sole or tongue of these boots will be a figure 8 which is the Austrian military's method of stating the width of the boots, this is not the boot size. The boot size will be in Euro sizing - eg. 39 or 41 

We would not recommend these boots for use on building sites as the chemicals in cement have a detrimental effect on them. We will not refund or replace boots used in this way.

Austrian Army combat boots for sale from Forces Uniform and Kit, the genuine army surplus clothing company. 
REMINDER: No returns are possible on orders from our DISTRESSED RANGE

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