Trousers - sizing systems and structure

When selecting a pair of trousers from the stock we have available, simply choose those with dimensions which match your waist and height. The only adjustments you may need to make would be if you have shorter or longer legs than a person of your overall height, or if buying waterproof over-trousers pay attention to what we describe as a suitable fit.


Sizing systems

The trousers we acquire from the various government and military units who dispose of them have labelled sizing systems that vary. This is why we measure the garments and provide a waist and a person's height that they will suit, to simplify the purchase process.

However, we have to use the labels to provide a tracking system for the stock we have available. So the sizes we list will have some interesting additional letters and numbers for our purposes.

Here's a few examples with a brief overview to explain a few of them. 

British system 
For example - 170/84 = suitable for a person of 170cm height with 84cm waist

German system
For example - GR7 = suitable for a person of 170cm height with 84cm waist 

Austrian system
For example - 96/100 i/ii = suitable for a person of 170cm height with 96cm waist
(i/ii = short, iii/iv = regular height, v/vi = tall and vii/viii = extra tall) 

French system
For example - 88C suitable for a person of 170cm height with 88cm waist
(C refers to short, R is Regular, L is Long)

Dutch system
For example - 6080/7080 = suitable for a person of 170cm height with 84cm waist
(The first four digit number i.e. 6080, refers to a height range of 1.80m to 1.90 metres tall. The second four digit number refers to the chest or waist size range, depending on the garment) 

Other nations use a variety of random numbering methods where a number is allocated to represent a set height and chest/waist.

Therefore, you can see why we use the simplified method of measuring, and stating chest, waist, jacket drops etc to help you decide.


Structural parts of trousers that we may mention in our descriptions.