British Army - Immersion Sacks - Water resistant lining bags for rucksacks

These genuine British back-pack Immersion Bags are designed for use inside ruck-sacks to keep your clothing and belongings dry. At those moments when you're fording a stream or pond and the ruck-sack goes under for a few moments, or when trudging through torrential rain and driving wind, you'll be cheered to know that your clobber is snug and dry inside its protective enclosure.

Available in two sizes, they have a toggle-close drawstring to seal in your clobber.


  • Used - Grade 1 - May show signs of operational use.
  • Waterproof material - will resist water ingress for a few seconds of immersion.
  • Large capacity bag is approximately 50 litres. Big enough for large sleeping bag.
  • Small capacity bag is approximately 20 litres. Suitable for medium weight sleeping bag.

Important note: Styles of bag and manufacturer will vary - bags are picked from an assortment. Litre measurements given are approximations.