Universal NATO issue Olive Green Military Bivvy Bag - "Gore-Tex" - DISTRESSED

British made military grade bivvy bag offering fantastic protection from the elements. The bivvy bag is made from Gore-Tex-like MVP (moisture vapour permeable) fabric which is waterproof, wind proof and breathable. It has a generous storm flap.

Provides a perfect outdoor barrier for any sleeping bag. 

  • MVP "Gore-Tex" material is watertight and clean.
  • Weighs approximately 1.2Kg
  • Approximate dimensions - measured flat empty:
    Total length 260cm minimum
    Neck to foot = 200cm
    Width max = 80cm
    Width at foot = 70cm
  • Suitable for all military sleeping bags
  • Bag rolls up into attached storage pocket - please note that the laminated waterproof surface inside the storage pocket is flaking away and so the pocket should only be viewed as a way of keeping the bivvy neatly rolled.
This bivvy is suitable for all of the sleeping bags we sell, apart from the M90 Cold Weather one.

This genuine military bivvy bag comes in olive green. These bags, supplied for military orders, are of course still top specification and so Gore-Tex should be regarded as generic description. See our technical notes page.

"Gore-Tex" military bivvy (bivi) bags from Forces Uniform and Kit, the genuine army surplus company