Dutch Khaki Mens Military Trench Coat - Full Length

Dutch Army



These Dutch khaki mens military trench coats are genuine Netherlands army issue. They are made from a full length tight weave (gabardine) polyester making this item both wind proof and waterproof. This trench coat also has additional waterproofing around the shoulder area in the form of a second rubber backed cape.

Note on sizes. The suggested chest sizes we quote assumes no additional garments such as jumpers, body warmers or fleeces are worn beneath the coat. Please bear this in mind this when making your order. 

Other features for this coat include:

  • Brown leather effect buttons.
  • Shoulder epaulettes.
  • A warm zipped in quilted liner that can be removed in summer for use all year round.
  • Adjustable cuffs.
  • Removable matching belt.
  • Double breasted.
  • Brand New Condition

This mens trench coat is classic military surplus style and as you would expect from genuine army items, they are built to last and offer fantastic value for money. They are designed to be worn over a suit or a uniform so they are a generous cut to allow for layering and movement. If you have any questions about this trench coat please feel free to email sales@fu-kit.com.